Our A-Frame shed has a simple yet classy look. It is noted for its clean, straight cut. This classic shed lends itself well to today's residential landscapes. It will provide ample storage in a time-honoring quiet air. Our A-frame shed walls are 6'6" high. Note our many color choices and construction choices.

NE A Frame 10-14-2.jpg NE A-Frame 8-12-2.jpg NE A-Frame12-16-2.jpg

NEA-Frame12x16-3.jpg t-111aframe10x12-3.jpg t-111aframe12x20-3.jpg

t111aframe10x14-3.jpg t11aframe8x12-3.jpg vinyla-frame10x16-2.jpg

vinylaframe10x12-3.jpg vinylaframe8x10-3.jpg