Handy homeowners can save 10% off base price of shed!

When the desired location for your shed is inaccessible to my pick up truck and trailer, a panelized kit shed can be the answer for the handy homeowner. Its include all the parts needed to complete the shed.The floor and wall panels are very heavy and generally require 4 people to move the panels into position. Larger sheds may require additional assistance. This usually takes an hour or two. Once the panels are in place the rest of the installation can generally be completed by one or two persons in a day, depending on the size.

When a kit shed is being manufactured at the factory the process to produce the structure is almost the same as a fully assembled shed. All the same type materials and finishes are used, but when the completed floor and wall components are assembled they are temporarily joined with square drive screws and braces.
Next the doors are installed, the shed receives a coat of latex paint, and then door trim, windows and shutters are installed. All the Pre-cut parts and assembled trusses to complete the roof are then loaded into the shed. You only need to supply the nails to complete the shed.

When a Kit shed is delivered to your driveway, follow these steps to assemblage:


Not so handy or no time to be bothered homeowners?

For an additional charge of 40% of the base shed price we can have a factory backed installation team complete your project in less than a day.