Customer is responsible for all building and zoning permits. Depending on where you live a  permit may be required before you place a shed on your property. The following are telephone numbers of several Town/Village building inspectors in our local delivery area.

Please call your Town or Village Building Inspector for up-to-date permit requirements.

Village of Monroe. .... 783-8656

Town of Monroe............ 783-3141

Village of Tuxedo (Park) . . 351-4745

Town of Tuxedo....... . 351-4421

Village of Florida.. .651-7815

Village of Chester .......... 469-2388

Town of Chester ........... 469-7000

Vernon Township . 764-4055

Village of Warwick. . .986-9888

Town of Warwick ...........986-1127

Township of West Milford.... 728-2780

Village of Greenwood Lake...477-9217

Shed prices include free delivery within 10 miles of our sales lot. $3.00 a mile for each additional mile. Any additional movements or work will be charged on an hourly basis.

For delivery of assembled buildings, we ask that our truck be able to drive directly to the site and that the pathway be free of overhead obstructions lower than 14 feet and 3 feet wider than the widest point of the building ordered (at the top). Clearance 3 feet minimum around 4 sides of shed. We are not responsible for any damage done to building or property after leaving paved road. If your site is inaccessible to our truck and we must return with the load an additional transportation cost will be charged. Minimum return charge $100.00 Customer is responsible for all building permits. Site must be level and ready for shed delivery or customer is subject to extra delivery charges.

Recommended Shed Site Preparations

Site review and color match visit included with every sale. We suggest that all sheds should be set on a level pad of item #4 which should be 2' wider than the shed in all directions. Item # 4 is know by many names, QP, Quarry process, Shoulder Stone and many more names. It is comprised of 3/4" crushed stone with dirt or dust mixed in and is commonly used under paved driveways. It compacts very well for a firm base and the stone will not spread though your yard in the future like 3/4" crushed stone* at present we serve only Orange & Rockland Counties in New York and Bergen, Passaic & Morris Counties in New Jersey

Built to order sheds take from 3-6 weeks to be built depending on the time of year.